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Anti malware for android

by smith17 hours ago

Defencebyte is one of the leading antivirus software companies. It deals in offering the clients the best anti malware software, antivirus, privacy shield like products. All the products are quality based and using them can help the users in fighting the threats. Web spammers are getting smarter and for them infecting the devices is quite easier. For helping the devices to remain safeguarded from the threats, the use of such products can be really helpful. Defencebyte aims in bringing the best products to keep the performance up as well as maintain security.Anti  malware for android

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Yes! Ella Mai’s Got Boyfriend. She is all Boo’d Up Now With This Charming Young Man

Apologies guys, but Ella Mai’s got a boyfriend. There is this mystery guy who has got the 23-year-old singer Ella Mai all ‘Boo’d Up’. Ella Mai’s boyfriend is probably the one to whom Ella writes songs about and got her all ‘in her feelings’. Ella Mai's net worth of $600,000. Not only Ella’s bank account is filled but her heart is too. Ella is an emerging superstar in the scene as her song “Boo’d Up” has gained over 231 million views on YouTube as of September 2018. After Ella Mai gained stardom, a question popped up in the mind of many people, ‘Is the gorgeous Ella Mai dating someone?’ Well, to answer that question ‘Yes! she is.’ Ella is keeping her relationship details low key as much as possible and isn’t allowing it to emerge in the spotlight.

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Ella Mai along with her boyfriend

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Boo’d Up Singer Ella Mai Net Worth – Lives in LA But London Grown | Lifestyle in USA

The Boo’d Up singer Ella Mai‘s net worth is estimated to be $600,000. She has accumulated such high net worth from her profession as a singer. As she is progressing up, we are sure she will have a million dollar net worth soon. Ella Mai is a British born singer who later moved to the US. She grew up in London, UK and now resides in LA. She has been active in the music industry since 2014 and has released many singles and albums. Her song “Boo’d Up” was nominated for the category of ‘Song of Summer’ at the 2018’s MTV Video Music Awards. The new Queen of the breakup anthem, Ella Mai’s net worth is estimated to be $600,000. It’s from the sales of her music and the events she does that Ella has generated her net worth.

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Net worth and earnings of Ella Mai

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1 BHK Furnished Apartment for Student | Furnishedhabitate.com



Location: 10th Avenue / NY

Stay in this vibrant studio apartment in Midtown West. Features like flat screen TV, washer/dryer on the premises, a working fireplace, and polished hardwood floors make this unit an ideal home away from home.


  • Located only 1 flight up in a walk up building
  • Standard kitchen appliances and cookware
  • Washer and dryer in unit!
  • 1 comfortable queen sized bed and 1 plush Full size bed **Unit included 1 Full size sleeper sofa
  • Working fireplace
  • Flat screen TV with basic channels
  • Wi-Fi ready
  • Polished hardwood floors
  • Central Heat and air conditioning for your comfort
  • Available up to 12 Months!


You can call for more information 212-913-0613

Or visit the Link:   http://www.furnishedhabitat.com/

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Rashard Lewis’ Wife Giovanni Fortes is All About Her Three Kids And Family

American basketball star Rashard Lewis has had a storied career over the years. Playing for various teams in the NBA for almost two decades, he won the NBA title once and is 2-time NBA All-Star. But, Rashard was able to achieve this much success only due to the support of his lovely wife Giovanni Fortes, who took care of things behind the scenes. Rashard married Giovanni in 2011 and they had initially met way back in 2001 at a college in Seattle where Giovanni was studying. He was playing for the Seattle Supersonics at that time and the rest they say is history, as the two are bound for eternity now. The couple has now been married for 7 years now and they have been blessed with three children. The couple has two daughters, Grayson and Gianna. 

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Marketing Certification Course

Looking for Enhancement in your Career, Upgradation of the Skills to achieve new heights in the corporate world learn marketing certification courses designed by the company experts. Short marketing course for the Working individuals where they can enhance the skills set to the existing ones.

All the marketing aspirants can look for the marketing certification which includes the case studies,

Role plays and learning which will definitely boost the knowledge gain

Visit:  https://spjimr.org/mdp

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Dog Walkers Hyderabad

by petsfolio17 hours ago

You dog needs the requisite exercise, discipline as well as lots of affection for them to function well. If they are closer to their ideal weight, they have a chance to live up to two years more than their life span. You need to understand a few things before further and that is- Dogs have evolved from the grey wolf only around 15000 years ago. Grey wolves hunt in packs, are extremely sociable and have great night vision. So you can gather that your beloved dog is the domesticated evolution of the grey wolf itself. They need to have a good social life in order to live a contended and happy life.

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Some unknown facts about Hiroshima and Nagasaki attacks

by AlkeshPurohit17 hours ago

August 6 and 9 is one of those dates which can never be erased from the history of mankind. One of the most brutal acts were committed to mankind in the year 1945. These were the dates when Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed using nuclear bombs by the United States of America.

Flame of Peace

This is a flame that is glowing in Japan. This flame will be put down only if all the nation states decide to give up on nuke weapons and cooperate to make the world a better place to live in.

Pilots of Enola Gay

The plane that carried the nuke bombs little boy and Fat man is known as Enola Gay. The pilots of the plane were instructed to consume the cyanide pills in case the bombing attack is compromised. This is to make sure the United States of America doesn’t lose its image.

Read Full Article: Some unknown facts about Hiroshima and Nagasaki attacks

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Telemedicine apps Development Company in Kuwait | SISGAIN

Final Image for telemedicine  New (Bookmarking)

SISGAIN is top Telemedicine apps Development Company in Kuwait which also provides apps development services. For more information call us at +91.9212080630 or visit website: https://sisgain.com/telemedicine

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Design Build Construction: The Great Advantages It Can Give You and Your Home

Construction development provides the rise design-build construction. Despite its little use from the past years, design-build continues to give a significant influence.  Homeowners, builders, and constructors use this. It provides benefits to the homeowner. One of these is the simultaneous collaboration of the designers and builders.

They have an effective way of completing the work on time. For modern constructors, it’s a turning point to make any construction process a success.

So, here are the advantages of design-build construction:

Excellent Communication

A design-build construction company communicates successfully with clients due to design-build. The construction has full access to the parameters of the project.  The collaboration builders and designers offer clients the chance to make clarifications. These might focus on the budget and project materials.

The costumes and the construction team have a chance to resolve issues at once. The design-build construction firm ca

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