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Differences between MariaDB vs. PostgreSql ?

MariaDB vs Postgresql both are the open source databases, which has features of various types of support and development, as well as enterprise versions. Across several industries, Postgresql is used by large corporations and organizations such as BioPharm, e-Commerce, Education, Finance, Gaming, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Media, etc. On the other hand, MariaDB databases are used by the large corporation and Linux distributions such as Alibaba, Facebook, Google, Tencent, HP, Virgin Mobile, WordPress.com, etc.

Difference between MariaDB vs PostgreSQL

1. Postgresql is the world most advanced open source database with lots of robust features. On the other hand, MariaDB is the binary drop-in replacement which is used instead of the MySQL version, the new version of MariaDB comes with lots of advanced features and better performance.
2. Postgresql database supports the languages of Net, C, C++, Delphi, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Tcl. MariaDB database supports a lo
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php interview questions

Appointing the suitable PHP developer is a crucial job for a company that want to develop their online existence. If you are attempting to find a suitable job in PHP, preparing the right php interview questions can aid you. If you are seeking a PHP job, reading some of the basic and commonly asked php interview questions for freshers will be helpful for you. Here are some important tips on what you should do before going for an interview -

1. Research

Research is essential for get ready for any job interview. You should learn more about the company where you are applying for job. Also, you should consider some simply and fundamental things like the company’s role in the marketplace, competitors, clients, major projects or products, mission statement etc. Another important thing to consider is the job. This consist of your real job profile, the projects you will expected to be working on, upcoming growth prospects etc. Ultimately, you should consider the interview itself. Try to know

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AWS Interview Questions

This is the right place for Top 100 AWS Interview questions and answers for freshers or experienced. Amazon web services interview questions are in objective type framed by our AWS training experts, This helps you to crack the interview successfully and improve your AWS technical skills. Now a day everything is rotating around cloud platforms, Amazon web services are the most trending cloud platform nowadays with market share 33% ahead of all cloud service platforms. We offer AWS online course and AWS classroom training by expert trainers to give you practical software industry exposure to meet present IT Demands.

Click here for Top 100 AWS Interview Questions and Answers

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