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MS Asian Movies Studio

MS Asian Movies Studio is a film production house founded by Mr. Mayyank Sharrma has invariably constituted healthy entertainers and has shown mastery in the industry. Progressively with the collaboration with Mr. Shivamm Sharma, MS now known as Mayyank and Shivamm, encourages individuals to progress with new energy and new ideas and have done many projects in a most  dynamic and vigorous way. It is brilliant and inspires in its own way and shown spectacular outcome.

Mr. Mayyank Sharrma is an established name in Bollywood and Pollywood industry since 2008. Mr. Shivamm Sharma belongs to Pollywood and Bhojpuri industry since 2004. Apart from movies, they have done many TV ads, Commercials and Albums also. They have given many smash hits by administering creative, imaginative and significant aspects and conceptualize the screenplay or script and bestow productive aspects of picturing.

Sanjali Suri is a Creative Director, Content Writer, Singer and one of the parallel share holder with M

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