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Plenum Cable

Cat6 Network Cables Elaborated

Category 6 is an Ethernet link standard described by the Electronic Industries Association and Telecommunications Industry Association ((EIA/TIA). Cat6 is the sixth period of bended match Ethernet cabling, or, in other words home and business frameworks. Cat6 cabling is backward impeccable with the CAT5 and CAT5e models that went before it.

How CAT 6 Cable Works:

Category 6 links support Gigabit Ethernet data rates of 1 gigabit for each second. They can suit 10 Gigabit Ethernet relationship over a limited detachment—164 feet for a singular link. Cat6 links contain four arrangements of copper wire and utilize each one of the sets for motioning remembering the true objective to get its anomalous condition of execution.


Cat 6 versus Cat 6A:

The Cat6 plenum Augmented (CAT6A) link standard was made to also improve the execution of CAT6 for Ethernet links. Using CAT6A enables 10 Gigabit Ethernet data rates over a lone link keep running up to 328 feet—twice to the degree CAT 6, which s

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