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Best PHP training institute in noida

 Best PHP Training Institute in Noida

Inovi Technologies offers best PHP training in Noida. PHP is server-side scripting language used to manage session tracking, database and dynamic content and e-commerce sites etc. Inovi Technologies offers you placement training in Noida.

Every PHP file has PHP endings and extensions are tagged with "php". Currently, PHP training courses are one of those most trend career choices for young minds.https://www.inovitechnologies.com/Corporate-Training/best-php-training-institute-in-noida/

PHP Training Syllabus

Introduction to Web and PHP

What is PHP?

History of PHP

Why choose PHP?

Installation overview

First stage

Embedding PHP code on page

The production

Operating path

Inserting code comments

Exploring Data Types



String functions

Numbers part one: Integers

Numbers part two: Floating points


Associative arrays

Array functions


NULL and empty

Type juggling and casting



Free a

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PHP, Laravel, Angular and Web Development Tutorials - Bootsity

PHP, Laravel, Angular and Web Development Tutorials and Interview Questions. Easy to follow tutorials. Interview Questions and Answers ebooks.




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PHP for webdevelopment

by jeffseid16971 month ago


Using PHP to Improve Your Website.


PHP has many capabilities features designed specifically for use in Web sites, including the following:


  1. Securing Your Website.


PHP can be used to secure your website (or certain areas of your website) so that your customer must enter a valid username and password. This can be used to reward preferred customers and to build an exclusive "membership" component of your business.



  1. Working with Web Forms.


PHP can display an HTML form and process the information that the user types in. This can be an excellent way to learn more about your customers by asking them to provide profile information, and to collect information about their specific interests.


  1. Communicate with Your Databases.


PHP is particularly adept at interacting with your databases, and storing information from the user or retrieving information that is displayed to the user. PHP handles connecting to the database and communicating with i

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php interview questions

Appointing the suitable PHP developer is a crucial job for a company that want to develop their online existence. If you are attempting to find a suitable job in PHP, preparing the right php interview questions can aid you. If you are seeking a PHP job, reading some of the basic and commonly asked php interview questions for freshers will be helpful for you. Here are some important tips on what you should do before going for an interview -

1. Research

Research is essential for get ready for any job interview. You should learn more about the company where you are applying for job. Also, you should consider some simply and fundamental things like the company’s role in the marketplace, competitors, clients, major projects or products, mission statement etc. Another important thing to consider is the job. This consist of your real job profile, the projects you will expected to be working on, upcoming growth prospects etc. Ultimately, you should consider the interview itself. Try to know

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Top 10 PHP Frameworks chosen by web app developers

Business developers and PHP development company owners and who, want services related to PHP, are always on a lookout for an organized, modern, and scalable framework when it comes to creating a complex website. PHP frameworks always prove out to be a perfect option. It is because of this reason over 82.7% of web app developers leverage PHP coding for their working.

 Image Source: Xtreem Solution Blog

Read on to know about the top 10 PHP Frameworks that are Helpful for Web App Developers -



Yii 2 Framework




Slim PHP framework


Aura Framework


The Concluding Words

If you own a website featuring huge CRM, big CMS systems and complex infrastructure then PHP is a perfect choice. If you don’t have any experience with PHP frameworks, then you must hire PHP Developer to get the best value web app meeting your specific requirements. At Xtreem, we can help you in coming up with best PHP framework based products for your end

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Top 10 Benefits of Using PHP in Web Development

by w3ondemand121 year ago

With the increase in the use of internet for every purpose; right from leisure to business, the number of websites getting developed is increasing each day. We have moved from static to dynamic websites and PHP has made it easier for us to develop such dynamic websites. PHP, a server-side scripting language has got a plethora of benefits, which have become the reasons of it being extensively used across the world for developing high-class websites.

There are millions of websites developed and still counting. Why do you think PHP web development is so popular? If you think just because it is open source, thus free, you are wrong. Of course, it is one of the reasons, but it is not sufficient to convince people to use it. There are other benefits of PHP which attracts people towards it. So, let us take a look at some of the most important reasons to use PHP in web development services.


  1. Easy: This server side scripting language is extremely easy to learn, as compared to other languag
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How to Delete Directory Using PHP

by infokita1 year ago

How to delete directory using php - To delete the directory used function rmdir (). This function can only be used to remove empty directories. For the directory containing the files should be deleted all the files in it, then deleted the empty directory. How to write function rmdir () rmdir (name, context) In order to better understand, the following I give examples of programs to remove the directory.

Program File Name: file10.php Description: The program deletes the directory. Open notepad, then type the following php code. <?php //create a directory$dir = "include";  //directory name$cek = mkdir ($dir); if ($cek) {  echo "Direktori <b>$dir</b> Successfully created";    } else {    echo "Direktori <b>$dir</b> Failed to create";    } //delete directory $del = rmdir ($dir); if ($del) {  echo "<br>Direktori <b>$dir</b> Successfully deleted";    } else {  echo "<br>Direktori <b>$dir</b> Failed to delete";   } ?>

How to Delete Directory Using PHP

Save the php code with file10.php name in htdocs folder. Program Expla

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Create and Open File PHP

by infokita1 year ago

Create and open file php - In file and directory management, PHP provides more than 70 functions. Some of the main functions associated with file management (create, write, append, and delete), include:

  • Opening and Creating Files
  • Write to File
  • Reading the contents of the file
  • Closes File

Which I will discuss in this article is to create and open files in php, for others I will discuss in the next article. Opening and Creating Files fopen ($namafile, $mode);

Information : $filename is the name of the file to be created, while $mode is the file access mode. Access mode files that can be used are:




Just to read the file, the pointer is at the beginning of the file


To read and write files, the pointer is at the beginning of the file


Just to write the file, the contents of the old file is deleted, if the file does not exist then Will be created


To read and write files, the contents of

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