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Yoga in Everyday Life

Yoga is an ancient Indian form of mental, physical and spiritual exercises that has evolved over a period of 3-4000 years.  Its ability to maintain the well being of one's body has stood the test of time and it continues to be popular today in India and is rapidly spreading to different cultures as a holistic system of health and wellness.

The relevance of Yoga is greater in today's times where urban lifestyles have lead to a loss of physical activity with a lot of people spending hours in front of computers and using vehicles and elevators for mobility instead of walking. Such a sedentary lifestyle leads to lots of physical vigour which involves accumulation of fat, disruption of physiological cycles, hormonal imbalances which manifests itself in the form of early ageing, physical and mental fatigue, obesity, hair loss, and greying along with serious medical conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and orthopaedic disorders like arthritis and spondilitis.

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 Yogic exercises involves various movements of the body along with special posters and breathing exercises that help in increasing the strength, flexibility and cardiovascular circulation in  the body along with mmicrocirculations  that reinvigorate the mind body system and instills  a sense of freshness and activity in all those who practice it regularly.

 Yoga can prove to be hhighly eeffective in keeping the chronic and debilitating conditions like heart diseases at bay and keep the joints of the body active that present the loss of functionality. Yyoga also enhances the effectiveness and strength of the immune system that keeps a person free from disease. In short, yoga can lead to higher resilience against disorders, higher activity, a ddeepened sense of well being and leads to a substantial improvement in the quality of life that a person leads. Eexperts concur that even half an hour of yoga practice every day can deliver substantial benefits if it is done regularly and can be followed at all ages and can be practiced by both men and women, a like.

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