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Why Utilizing Recruitment Agency Isn’t a Cost; but an Investment?

While some firm directors and owners may resist the concept of utilizing a recruitment agency to guide with their recruitment requirements, there’s doubtless that thousands upon thousands of firms do every day in the UK.


The UK recruitment industry is now worth over more than $25 billion, employs over 100,000 people in over 22,000 agencies and is developing by an average of 9 percent annually. Doubtless, these statistics show that there is a massive amount of value to be had for firms that employ recruitment companies. So why do some company directors and owners still see utilizing a recruitment agency as a cost rather than an investment?

This is the observation that some people have about utilizing a recruitment companies, UK. With the majority of recruitment agencies levying a percentage fee to hire an individual to their company, they see the money that they are separating out as a cost rather than an investment. Truly, it can seem like a twofold setback when you have just lost a precious member of your team and now you have the extra expense of rewarding a recruitment agency to search replacement talent. But exactly, it’s not a cost at all, it’s an investment, and the money you spend on a recruitment agency lightens in comparison when compared to what it costs hiring yourself.

Ostensibly, it may seem that hiring in-house is affordable and makes practicality. But in-house hiring can be a long and expensive procedure and for every moment that your vacancy isn’t packed, your venture is neglecting as accurately or as effectively as it could be.

According to recruitment companies, UK, utilizing a professional recruitment agency nevertheless has a number of benefits which importantly lessen both the time and cost of recruitment:

  • Agencies, like in-house teams, hire for many disciplines and branches.
  • Agency consultants, however, are capable of proficient in one area, becoming professionals through earning years of experience in one market. This certifies they have well-established networks and actually comprehend the branch they operate in.
  • In-house recruiters have to encircle a variety of disciplines and can only provide a general perception.
  • Applicants may be immediately accessible as recruitment agencies have a large, live database of appropriate applicants.
  • If advertising is mandatory, the relevant mediums will already be recognized and time-tested.


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