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Why Localization Services is needed

The website is an important part of a company and needs to be clear in terms of content. Apart from visuals, the company site must have a concise content in different languages to reach a non-English speaking audience. Whether yours is an e-commerce site or IT site, to reach a wider audience, website localization becomes important. Developing targeted local web experience that reflects a global brand is challenging, but is also crucial as a part of digital marketing strategy. Website localization services ensure that the website content reaches to the masses. Many companies are investing in localization because of its benefits and the investment has certainly given a fruitful result.

Website localization industry has grown enormously in the recent years and continues to grow. Moreover, with the tools used for translation or localization, makes it worth helpful. Let us check some reasons why localization is important for the website:

1. To Match with the Competitive Edge:

Businesses need to be ahead in the competition and to stay in the competition, localization is one such way. Website localization gives the company an impeccable standard in the global market. For instance, if you are running a website that has visitors from different countries (including non-English speaking traffic) then localizing or translating the content to the specific audience will certainly boost the traffic.

2. Reaching Global:

Internet is not restricted to a certain area or region. According to the report by UN International Telecommunication Union, there are more than 3 billion users and more than 85% users speak more than 10 languages. 55% of online content is in English. So to provide maximum language ease for the readers, content translation services are used to translate the content of the site. It is one way of reaching a global market.

3. For Business English isn’t enough:

As mentioned above, more than 55% of online contents are in English, but the requirement of non-English languages has become important. A business can’t work on assumption and need to be prepared to meet different audience having a linguistic challenge. 90% of European online users visit Europe language site. Furthermore, more than 40% users say they don’t buy products from the site if the content isn’t in their mother tongue. So businesses need interpretation services.

4. Your Competitors don’t have multilingual Website:

Visitors visit websites that completes their search need. If your competitor website doesn’t have multi-language options, but yours have, then definitely visitors will visit the site. This is a long-term advantage and helps you reach multi-linguistic viewers.

5. More People Stick to Native Language:

Although people speak second or third languages, many people do use the native language to speak. According to Common Sense Advisory report, 72% of consumers spend their time on the website having a native language. Thus, cultural adaptation of the website becomes essential.

6. Tailoring the Site:

The first impression of the website from customer matters because they stay on the site if it fulfils their need. Tailoring the message along with the look and feel of the site will help in building the trust and credibility in the brand. Furthermore, the site with multi-language can earn global reputation.

7. E-commerce Shipping Worldwide:

If your business deals with e-commerce and has a global platform, then using web site localization services does matter a lot. You may ship your product to France, Spain or China, then you will have localized the website content accordingly. This also includes translating the currencies, unit measures and other aspects to drive sales. If you check e-commerce websites, they need to reach a wider audience, be it local or international.

8. To Improve Conversion Rates:

If your website receives maximum traffic from non-native language speakers, then translation could help the conversion rate. However, you don’t need to translate the content of the whole website, but some popular landing pages. For instance, if you have a news section page for local people, the localization of the news page can help in conversion rate. This will also help in saving money and time against translating the entire site.

9. Improvement in Global SEO Ranking:

Search engines help websites to reach top ranking if it fulfils the visitors’ requirements and follows the guidelines. Doing right multilingual SEO process, which is usually done by professional content translation services,will help the site reach top ranking. Hiring a professional SEO along with translation service would be an added benefit.

10. Establishing Positive Image:

A website able to provide localized leverage to the client helps in establishing a positive image and helps in perfect communication. Website localization further helps in getting positive reviews from clients and customers visiting the site. A business that establishes positive images with the client is certainly going to earn long-term benefit.


Establishing emotional connection the audience globally will serve the fruitful business. Looking at the rate at which globalization is spreading and businesses crossing boundaries, localization, interpretation, and translation have become important. A business should look for a professional marketing translation services or website translation services that drive the good amount of traffic and also works according to the taste of different linguistic audiences. This is when Shakti Enterprises comes to the role. It is one of the leading website translation services serving various clients locally and globally.

Whether your website deals with travel content, medical content or e-commerce, Shakti Enterprises with a professional team of translator and interpreters ensures to provide quality and website localization service. Do connect with the professionals and gain maximum exposure leaving competitors behind.

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