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Why Guitarists Use Electro Harmonix Pedals For Power Performances?

Power guitarists know the secret of great performance and for the last four decades, guitarists have been successfully using Electro HarmonixPedals for power performances and recording the most iconic music numbers. In the industry it is also known as Electric Guitar Kits, and the company was formed in 1968 in New York City in the US. It was 70s and several music bands were thriving across the country relying heavily on using effects pedals. It soon became the mainstream trend.So whether it was rock 'n' roll or hip hop reggae, it was considered synonymous with Electro Harmonix. Electro Harmonix Canada became a major influence on the guitar pedal industry during those days that were slowly transformed into effects pedals as they are prevalent today. Guitarists needed extra power without having to invest a fortune in it. EHX delivered its first stomp box that opened new gateways of opportunities and possibilities to the guitarists and music bands using effects pedals.Professional guitarists of the 70s will definitely have a few stories to tell as far as using those early effects pedals are concerned. Effects pedals like Hot Tubes and Electric Mistress almost created ripples in the industry.Though, Electro Harmonix pedals are known for their effects, they are better known for the Big Muff Pi. It is a well-known name, but if you haven't heard about it, you must definitely have listened to it during a performance. It is a simple but vintage style pedal that delivers a distinctive distorted sound.Axis Fuzz and the Foxey Lady were the early pedals launched by the company that preceded the big muff. According to the founder of EHX, Mike Matthews, The last few decades of the rock 'n' roll and pop music are evident of the fact that many top guitarists like David Gilmour and Billy Corgan etc. have used it frequently.Electro harmonix has such a wide variety of effects to offer that it will suffice all your requirements. The well-known effects in the EHX lineup include compressors, chorus, loopers, delays and flangers. 

As far as quality is concerned, Electro harmonix has maintained its reputation worldwide. They almost pride themselves on the quality and the go-to effects they offer on your pedal board. T

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