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Why do you need Google Analytics?

by Julius785 months ago
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Why do you need Google Analytics?Lack of buyers and poor sales results are the main ailment of online store owners. The money invested in marketing pays for itself very slowly and it is difficult to say why nobody wants to order anything from us. How to solve the problem of lack of orders?

Marketing is not everything. High positions in the search engine or perfectly planned Ads campaigns will be of no use to us, if our shop is simply not attractive. We need to know how our customers move around our store and at what moment they resign from buying, how much time it takes them to make a decision.If we want to understand the complexities and limitations of Google Analytics we need to know the technical aspects of this tool. This knowledge is also necessary if we are going to use advanced code implementations.

So how does Google Analytics work "from the kitchen"?

Data collection is based on cookies and the Google tracking code that manages them. A tracking code is a piece of code written in the JavaScript language. It is generated automatically when you open an account with Google Analytics. A person who wants to track traffic on the website must copy this generated code. and paste it into all pages of the website.

Currently, a new, asynchronous Google Analytics code has been functioning for some time now.  Its main advantage is the ability to insert it higher in the source code, which increases the chances of correct loading of the page. The user will have less chance not to be counted before he closes the site. The new code is also more suitable for tracking pages built with the increasingly popular AJAX technology.When a user visits a website, the server on which the website is located returns it to the user's browser. When a website is called up, the Google Analytics tracking code on the website places or overwrites a cookie on the Internet user's computer, in which the most important information about the user is stored.The data from the cookies are then sent to an external Google server via a single-pixel file which contains information about you. It is worth mentioning that Google Analtytics only uses so-called secure first party cookies, which prevent information from being assigned to a specific IP and thus to the user. It is not possible The information sent is then processed on Google servers and in a clear form it goes to the reports available in the Google Analytics interface.

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