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Where to look for temporary eyelashes Columbia SC

Temporary Eyelashes Columbia SC are a trend now for most women, young and not so young as well. It is a trend now and is considered to be part of fashion. The always wear it on parties and every gatherings. This article will focus on the topic.

The Place:

Columbia is a city in South Carolina in the US. It lies near, the place where Saluda and Broad river joined to form the Congaree River.

What are temporary eyelashes?

Temporary eyelashes are fake eyelashes designed to be wore for a limited period of time. It is made of variety of materials and so, it is priced accordingly. 

Are temporary eyelashes safe to wear?

While temporary eyelashes are effective for making yourself more beautiful, but, there are a lot of things you need to know, to avoid more damage to your eye or the eyelashes. 

a. Temporary eyelashes may cause the natural eyelashes to fall. Much more if you sleep on it and will leave patches in your skin. It it may be hard for the natural eyelashes to grow again.

b. One factor that will cause the natural eyelashes to fall out is the presence of the glue that is used to hold on the temporary eyelashes.

c. Temporary eyelashes are prone to trapping dirt. And once dirt are accumulated, it may destroy the natural eyelashes, 

d. The glue may also cause allergy to the skin, much more to the most sensitive pare of you face. Keep in mind that eyelashes are with the eye area and a little irritation might cause loss of vision.

What do temporary eyelashes bring to you?

Well, like other things, there are good things about temporary eyelashes. It does not only improve your look, it gives you confidence when dealing or interacting with other people. It also gives you a bolder look, when you have a thin and short natural Eyelash perm Charleston. In short, it adds more value to your being at times you needed more confidence.

Where to find it in Columbia, South Carolina?

As mentioned earlier, Columbia is a modern and advance city which houses modern malls and shopping centers. It is very obvious that there are many beauty centers that are offering different brands of temporary eyelashes. 

Carolina Eye Candy:

The company is synonymous to eyelashes. With several years in the industry and employing the best staff, equipped with the right skills, you can never go wrong with them. Get in touch with them at www.carolinaeyecandy.com. They may be the one you are looking for.

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