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What is a Quality Management System?

Here we will talk about quality management system and the importance they have acquired for companies in recent years. The most basic function of these systems is to implement a set of elements to achieve the highest quality of products and services offered to the customer, seeking the maximum satisfaction of these.

Once defined, we will analyze the various phases that usually have the implementation of a quality system.


To implement a quality management system, a very well defined internal organization is needed. If you do not start at the lowest level within the company, we will not reach the desired quality objective. In this phase, the company must answer a series of questions in order to develop a good quality system.

At an initial level, companies must know at what point they want to reach for the quality of their products and what elements they will implement to achieve it. Once they have decided the type of product they are going to offer to the market, they should look for the mechanisms to manufacture them with the highest possible quality.

When the company has formulated these questions, the so-called Quality Planning begins to form, consisting in carrying out the necessary actions to achieve an objective with the greatest use of resources. Therefore, and to summarize this phase, the four basic questions that societies should ask themselves at this point are:

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