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What is the difference between a thesis and dissertation?

 Thesis and dissertation writing, both are types of academic writing. But different styles of writing, format, etc are required while writing one. Many students often get confused between the two. If you are also from those who wonder about, the basic difference between a thesis and dissertation. Then this answer will clear your confusion on the topic. First of all, congratulations on thinking and trying to figure out the difference, as at least you that there is a difference between the two. It is often observed that students have ambiguity about writing them and commit a mistake by using them interchangeably. Both of them are quite similar in terms of structure, introduction, conclusion, literary reviews, appendix, etc. This is why we will try to identify the clear and definite differences between the two.

The prime difference between two is seen when they are finished. Where a thesis is prepared on completion of a master's program, the dissertation is prepared during a doctoral course as part of the course. Their purposes are also different from each other. The thesis is a collection of research that determines; you have gained significant knowledge and attained command over the subject you have studied in your graduation. Whereas, the dissertation is all about contributing your newly acquired knowledge, practical aspects, and theories into your area of study during your doctorate program. The main reason behind it is, to give the exceptionally fresh concept to work on it and prove or justify its worth.

In a thesis, you have to research about a topic afterward assess and prepare appropriate comments on the information you have gathered. Then justify how it is related to the topic. The prime point of the thesis is to think analytically about the subject and able to have a discussion at length. In a thesis, you have this option to elaborate your research or topic to understand it better, which you want to take up professionally. Whereas dissertation includes others’ research papers for reference only and guides you in making your own hypothesis, theories or concepts.

Lastly, their differences can be understood by these facts. The thesis of master's program should be of minimum 100 pages in length, though it could go beyond that. While dissertation of a doctoral program needed to be much longer than a thesis. The reason behind this is it involves extensive detailed background, research study, with a proposal that has each related detail including the information regarding how with what source you get to know that information. A dissertation is a very critical and complex task to do. It could go 2 to 3 times longer as compared to the thesis. In the dissertation, you have got the continuous guidance of your faculty. Those faculty members are considered as your dissertation advisor. Your dissertation advisor is always available to guide you whenever you get stuck somewhere to make your report in the right direction. They also ensure your proposal is going in the correct path.

Every university has its own laid guidelines for thesis and dissertation in regard to structure, a number of words, etc. it is very important to consult the official guideline while writing your thesis or dissertation.

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