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What is the difference between a mobile applications a web application?

There is someplace where native mobile applications and web applications are meant to be the same but they twoare very different.

They are developed and deployed differently, also different for the user. So, there is no need to get confused between them.

Mobile apps vs. web apps

Native mobile applications are meant to be a specific platform, such as Android and iOS. They are downloaded via play store and app store and have access to device resources, such as GPS, camera, microphone. A mobile application can be live and run on the mobile phones by itself. Snapchat, Instagram, Tiktok, Zomato, facebook, and messenger are the example of mobile applications.

On the other hand, web applications are accessed via the internet browser and also adapt all type of devices which you’re viewing on it. They are not native to a particular device and don’t require to be downloaded or installed.  With their responsive nature, they look perfect and adjust according to their giving size and perform a function like mobile applications, and here’s the confusion arises. 

Mobile applications vs. web applications: The pros and cons

Native mobile applications


  • Faster than web applications
  • Greater functionality as they have the approval to use device resources.
  • Can work offline
  • Safe and secure, But first they must be approved by app or play store
  • Easy to build, having the developer tools


  • More expensive than to build up a web application
  • Design and build an app from the scratch for a different platform (i.e. Android, iOS)
  • Costly to maintain and update
  • Difficult to get approval from the app store.

Web application


  • Don’t need to be downloaded or installed
  • East to maintain
  • Quicker and easier to build than a mobile application
  • Can be launched quickly, because of no need for approval


  • Do not work offline
  • Less advanced in terms of features
  • Slower than mobile applications
  • Quality and security are not assured.


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