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What are the types of hot hair?

by emilyliu2 years ago
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Knitting hot: the hair of a strand of hot hair, and another strand of hair to keep straight hair wig, this method is called "knitting hot". Even though the hair is too hot, it won't look too prominent on the whole and increase the brightness of the straight hair part.Spiral perm: to curl a long, shoulder length or longer hair on a raised curl stick to make a corkscrew curl. This perm can also produce an explosive hairstyle. The traditional perm is hair in curls sideways on a stick.Direct perm method: the hair is rolled up, the hair will be "hot" glyph. It is a perm technique that is used to obtain a strong stereo feeling.Silver hot: first to reverse a strand of hair, perming agents and wrapped in aluminum foil, hot after the hair was a strip of the volume, in order to be more personality to the full head silver hot, the effect is really cool to the extreme.Ion hot: it has been translated into "ceramic flat hot", "ion flat hot", "super non gravity" hot, in fact, only the difference between perm tools and brands, as well as the difference between the width of flat clip, in short, is a new flat perm. Traditional flat perm involves heavy, thick flat sheets stuck in the hair, which can pull the scalp. The plasma flat iron is in a flat clamp internal use ceramic plate, as long as a plug-in thermal, wisp of hair clip, straighten out the effect of repeated several times, will be able to get straight hair, but also avoid the scalp by pulling pain.QQ: ceramic hot hot hot and far-infrared ceramic is one thing to say, this hair than traditional hair effect is more natural, especially in the wet dry hair volume is more beautiful. Ceramic hot is to use a single instrument looks like octopus, ceramic rod will be pulled away from the hair clip from all sides, plug-in thermal conductivity after the hot roll.Root perm: is only in the root hair perm, only hot out of the new long hair or hair roots in the region to make it more erect, has burns the hair partly coated with a protective agent or with special plastic package.

some of wig need to notice

How can a wig be better secured?

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