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What about a knot in the hair?

Hair knot is usually due to lack of hair moisture caused by relatively dry. Therefore, to improve the problem of hair knot, you need to pay attention to the maintenance of hair in daily life, pay attention to sunscreen. Here are some tips to brush your hair after washing.Shampoo your hair before you comb it, so it's easier to comb your hair when you're washing human hair wig.If you use hair conditioner has no effect, can increase the use of the link, the membrane can more effectively relieve dry hair, nourishing hair. But be careful not to use the same brand of shampoo and conditioner for long periods of time, because the long-term use of the same kind of hair will produce tolerance, and slowly do not work.There is an effective method to alleviate the hair is not open, in the dry with a towel after washing hair, then smear olive oil in the hair and knotted, and massage to help absorption, it is easy to comb hair knot.Shampoo a few drops of vinegar in the water, so that the hair becomes soft and easy to comb.

How to untie a part of a wig?

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