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Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

by severusnab5 months ago
tags: Pest Control


THE ULTIMATE PEST CONTROL SOLUTION -Blüüm Ultrasoinc Pest Repellers offer the most advanced ultrasonic research based technology which emits special frequencies repelling any unwanted pests and insects! This device produces a unique ultrasonic wave that is able to irritate and interfere with the brain and auditory nervous systems of all pests (insects/rodents). This ensures the pests are not killed and minimises any unnecessary harm. This technology forces pests to leave your premises.

UPGRADED 2018 DOUBLE POWER IMPACT – The new advanced Electromagnetic & Ultrasonic technology in our device has more powerful impact on pests as per our testing. The range of ultrasonic frequencies accurately tuned to provide a wider reach in distance and high intensity to target wide range of pests. ALL pests including mice will be forced out of your home.

EASY TO USE – Blüüm Pest Repellers require NO maintenance, just plug it into a power outlet ideally around 50-120cm above floor level and let it work the magic for you! For best use wait for 2-3 weeks before powerful results are seen and revealed. Simple & Effective.

100% CHILD & PET FRIENDLY -Do you have children? Pets? Are you tired of cleaning the remains of dangerous and hazardous poisons and traps? Blüüm Ultrasonic Pest Repeller will keep insects, rodents and other annoying pests away using its super-safe ultrasonic waves. The ultrasonic waves only target pests providing the SAFEST environment for your children and pets. (Not suitable for households with rodent pets)

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