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Top web design trends in 2018

At Levo, a web design and development agency based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we believe strategically designed sites with great user experiences and valuable, optimized content generates more traffic and converts more customers.

Here are some web design trends in 2018:

Illustrations are taking center-stageThe use of illustrations in web designing has opened up a whole new genre of creative opportunities.Animations are interesting, informative and engaging and they can convey a complex idea in a short span of time and with fewer complications. The availability of advanced tools has made it possible for designers to bring life to animations like never before. The popularity of illustrations is bound togrow in the coming times as more designers engage in experimentation with illustrations. But usinganimation for the sake of it should be avoided. It is the responsibility of the designers to understand the proper and effective use of these illustrations to suit the project at hand.

Colors get bolderIn earlier days designers stuck to web safe colors but now designers are becoming bolder and more adventurous with the use of bright colors and vibrant shades. The advancements in technology have also resulted in better screen resolutions which showcase these vibrant colors beautifully. This has encouraged web designers to use color saturation, clashing colors and more colors in their designs.


Typography gets bold and beautifulTypography is all about catching attention and in 2018 it seems to be following the maxim ‘the bigger the better’. Designers are branching out to a variety of typefaces and executing them beautifully. It’s all about creating a lot of drama around the typefaces and with screen resolutionsgetting sharper this trend is going to further develop in the coming times. Web pages use keywords in their headers and looking ahead designers will take full advantage of the use of bold typography to enhance use experience.

Asymmetry is the new order2017 highlighted the use of asymmetric designs and grids in web designing which will definitely continue through 2018. The appeal lies in its uniqueness and scope for experimentation. Many designers are pushing the rules to make new ones and this has resulted in creativity at its best in the last few years. This trend of pushing rules will continue in 2018 as designers try to open up the grid to allow designs to exhibit boldness, uniqueness and style.

Story telling through dataAccording to many senior web designers 2017 has brought about a creative innovation in how data is used in web designing. Designs are now a great way of storytelling and to showcase complex ideas and information in an easier and simple form. This is done to keep the audience engaged and create interests. Technological advancements will continue to lead designers to blend information with animation and the use of virtual models. Tools are constantly being developed and enhanced to create a user-experience with phenomenal designs that was not possible in the recent past.

The use of videos in web designsComplex information when represented in a visual format makes it easier to understand. This has made many designers incorporate videos in their web designs to enhance user-experience. The advantage of using a video in web design is that it can be added seamlessly into the design, it retainsits quality despite the details and it can be looped. Hence it is no surprise that videos are being slipped into many web designs.

Playful animationIllustration is an excellent way to add personality to a web page. Hence designers have worked on enhancing the functionality of these illustrations to carry forward complex meanings and ideas to engage the audience and retain their attention. Illustrations are engaging without disturbing thestructure or the functionality of the design.

Play with shadowsAlthough the use of shadows in web designs is not really a new thing, the advancements in web browsers have lead to the use of many variations in the simple shadow designs. Designers are experimenting with the shadows to create more depth and emphasis on screen. Shadows help increating an illusion which goes beyond the screen.

The use of particle backgroundsParticle backgrounds are lightweight JavaScript animations where movements are created as a natural part of a page background. It solves many performance issues which generally the use of videos has. Since it is lightweight it doesn’t take time to load and such motion graphics are becoming the rage in social media pages.

Our world in the mobile2017 has shown that mobile browsing has surpassed desktop browsing by a great deal. Hence web designers are now drawing up design that suits the need of the consumers who are forever on the move. Many consumers now shop on their smart phones and this has brought about a revolutionarymovement in the web designing arena. Mobile designs have matured a great deal over the last year and user-experience issues have become easier to diagnose and rectify. Icons are the new space savers and have become a part of the new age tech-savvy consumers’ vocabulary. With designers getting adventurous in their experiments in designs we hope to see a great deal of new and interesting web pages in the coming times!It’s all about user experience!

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