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Top Ways Automation Will Impact Australian Businesses

Every country in the world will be impacted by automation in the near future. In Australia, automation is projected to add up to $2.2 trillion worth of benefits to the economy by 2030.

 According to a report by Alphabeta, employees will have two hours of the most manual and tedious work removed from their schedule every week over the next 15 years. Workplace injuries are expected to fall by 11% as automation takes over the most dangerous manual tasks. For low-skilled workers, 62% will experience improved job satisfaction. And employees who are completing non-automatable work will see a 20% increase in wages.    

Up until now, dangerous, tedious, and boring tasks have simply been a fact of life for employees in a range of industries. As these tasks are removed, employees will spend more time doing the types of activities that are valuable, meaningful, safe, and more ‘human.’    The idea that there will be mass unemployment within 15-20 years is largely a myth, provided Australians take the opportunity to upskill. While most jobs will still exist, the way that employees do these jobs will be very different.

For example, the average office worker won’t need to do boring tasks like data entry. Instead, those two hours a week can be spent on more productive tasks requiring creativity, decision-making capabilities, and interpersonal skills.

While there will be fewer low-skilled roles available, there will always be careers available in jobs requiring emotional intelligence and other skills that machines simply can’t replicate.

Read More: https://www.intergy.com.au/top-ways-automation-will-impact-australian-businesses/

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