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Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet Is A Product That Can Not Damage The Environment

Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet are a very important necessity in our lives, but it seems that no one will pay too much attention to it other than usability. With the advent of the low-carbon era, what we can think of is simply to reduce the waste of water resources by using water-saving faucets.

But in fact, people familiar with the bathroom industry know that most of the faucets on the market are copper. In terms of health, copper contains lead. Lead in copper faucets can pollute the water source and damage our health. Especially for children, the harm of blood lead poisoning is not to be underestimated, and the copper powder and dust generated by the copper faucet during the polishing process will be attached to the workers and susceptible to skin diseases, and inhalation of the lungs will endanger health. As far as environmental protection is concerned, firstly, the smelting of copper generates a large amount of waste water and waste gas. Secondly, the surface of the copper faucet usually has a coating, which will generate a lot of waste water and seriously pollute the environment. Moreover, copper is prone to rust and aging, and the plating layer on the surface of the faucet is prone to wear and fall, which affects the appearance. It needs to be replaced in 3-5 years. Repeated purchase and production are also a great waste of manpower and material resources.

"Low-carbon starts from the little things around you" tap, are you low-carbon?

According to relevant experts, each use of a copper faucet can reduce nearly 100 kilograms of electroplating wastewater for the earth. Therefore, stainless steel faucets bring us not only healthy and safe water, but also contribute to environmental protection. The low-carbon life of the faucet has become a fashion, and it should become a manifestation of our sense of social responsibility.

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