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Seamless Steel Pipe And Pipe Fitting Installation Method

1. Cutting requirements for seamless steel pipe is different from lsaw steel pipe: After measuring the length, use the hacksaw, manual cutting saw, small circular saw blade and other cutting tools to cut the required pipe. After cutting, the vertical flatness of both ends must be kept, and then the burrs are removed. If the file is removed, it is necessary to carry out the corners, but it must be kept moderate and not too large.

2. Seamless steel pipe and pipe fitting method: pipe fittings before the test assembly, determine the location of the installation and mark, use sandpaper or abrasive cloth to lightly wipe the pipe, pipe fittings and then scrub with cotton yarn with acetone, After the acetone is volatilized, evenly apply a layer of adhesive to the pipe fittings and bond them with a brush. Be sure to apply evenly.

The flat is inserted and transferred to the desired combination angle for installation. It can be tapped with a mallet to insert the tube completely, and it will be fixed after about 2 to 3 minutes. Do not forcefully disassemble or rotate at will after fixing, otherwise it will cause leakage. After assembly, the excess adhesive that has overflowed from the bond must be wiped off in time to maintain the appearance of the pipe.

3. Connection of the flared pipe: firstly clean the inner wall of the flared pipe and the outer wall of the straight pipe insertion part, rotate the rubber ring into the groove of the flared end, and then connect the rubber ring to the insert of the straight pipe. Lubricant. Finally, the straight tube insertion end is aligned with the flared end. According to the construction site, the straight tube can be inserted into the marking position by the wire-receiving machine or the mixing machine, and the length of the stencil is printed, and the needle is inserted into the straight tube to mark it (Hint: here The length should be shorter than the flare length).ze

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