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Range hard hitters who game damage and attack MaplestoryM Mesos

by Maplestory2M1 month ago
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Range hard hitters who game damage and attack MaplestoryM Mesos speed but sacrifices durabillity and pace. Rangers are a speedy and flexible archers that have a wide plethora of skills that launching a lot of arrows to perform a massive quantity of damage, they are one of the very consistent dps classes in the MapleStory 2 game and they take a massive


advantage against monsters and supervisors who doesn't have gap closers and can not get near you as much as they should. But that being said they ARE squishy without a fantastic gear that can cover you up, but even with this hefty equipment, you will still be the squishy class, the good side is that archers have the longest glide/dash


of 7.5 blocks in the MapleStory 2 game, which is must farther than any other course could dashboard. They can only use it tho, contrary to classes, that can use 3 times. So you've got a good escape plan together with the dash but be certain to use it correctly or you will be punished for this for being mispositioned. Your defense will be


sure that you will get penalized for being at the wrong location.Archers are also great Maplestory M Mesos for sale because of their"Sharp Eye" Skill, which is a buff that scales up the ciritcal speed and precision, exteremly valuable for party members and in dungeons. Hard to playwith, but a profitable class.Heavy gunners select power within the consistent attack



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