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Q345B Seamless Steel Pipe Mechanical Expansion Process

by permanent4 months ago
tags: seamless steel pipe

The tensile specimen type of seamless steel tube has a certain influence on the tensile test results. The yield strength of the round bar specimen is higher than that of the plate specimen, and the tensile strength is not much different. According to the analysis, it is recommended to use a round bar sample instead of a plate sample when the steel pipe size is allowed.

The new field construction non-welded reinforced concrete beam-seamless steel tube concrete column joints, through the experimental study of the tensile properties of different tensile specimens of Q345B seamless steel pipe - plate specimen and round bar specimen. The test shows that the tensile test results obtained by the plate sample and the round bar sample are different. The seismic performance test was carried out and the hysteretic behavior of the joint under the low-cycle reciprocating load at the top of the column was obtained.

The test results show that the new type of node has good ductility and energy consumption, which can meet the engineering needs and can be used instead of the outer ring plate type steel welded joint. At the same time, the finite element analysis method was used to simulate the experiment, and the results obtained from the test obtained the skeleton curve were in good agreement. In addition, based on the node test model, the related parameters of beam, column and ox leg are changed, and the influence of different parameters on the skeleton curve of the node is analyzed, and the failure mode and influencing factors of the node are obtained.

Like other mold forming technologies, in the mechanical expansion process of Q345B seamless steel pipe, the shape and size of the working part of the expanded diameter die have an important influence on the forming process. In-depth understanding of the internal relationship between the two, research Q345B seamless The key point of the mechanical expansion of steel pipe is the numerical simulation of the mechanical expansion process of Q345B seamless steel pipe by large deformation elastoplastic finite element analysis software MA RC. The influence of the fan angle of the expansion die on the diameter protection process is analyzed. Get some useful conclusions.

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