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Print Lyrics on Photo Get Couple Portrait with Turn Picture into Text

Life is one choral symphony which you fill with your own lyrics. Music opens your heart to feelings that had hitherto remained undiscovered. There will always be that one song that will break the flow of time and flood you with the fondest memories of moments spent together. What if you could imprint that song for a hundred years to come on a canvass? What if you could infuse its lyrics with a high-resolution portrait? What if you could personalize your memento for that one-of-a-kind gift? Discover the phenomenon called- song lyrics on photo to floor your better half once more. Gift her a photograph that comes with turn picture into text feature. 

A dance is sure to follow the presentation of this masterpiece. When you come across a song which is ensconced in your heart; you hear it play in your mind and find your feet tapping to it already. The connection between music and love cannot be overstated. Food for the soul and a safe outlet for expressing love; music has always been the preferred medium for pouring out ones’ feelings since time immemorial. A picture can unite two hearts. A picture with words can cement their union for eternity. Adorn your journey of courtship with rich lyrics that pull her heartstrings every time and impose them onto your photo. Create your own image composed of words frame and delight in its view for years to come.

Ever changing time slips like sand between ones’ fingers. The more one tries to hold on to it, the faster it seems to elude. The hug at the airport, the boat ride in the fall, the first ice cream shared together: Few events are preserved vividly in the memory. Shake off the dust of time from them. Tend to these lilies with great care and sniff their fragrance laced with your favorite song. Let the cascade of heady, romantic verses aid in recollection of countless tingling sensations you experienced during your picnics. Let them even bring back the smell of lavender on her hands. That song will reveal more notes every time when played and never fail to serenade her. Experience the effect of those lyrics fused closely together to form your portrait with picture converted to text

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