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NHAI to Adopt Video-Based Surveillance System at Toll Plazas

The national highways of India have been acting as great facilitators for trade and other purposes. Comparatively, they are less in length with other roadways. But, they support a good amount of trade. Traders rely on national highways as they support the economic integration of India. Statistics reveal that around 40% of all the trade, which happens within the geographical contours of India, is carried by the national highway network. Such is the scale of the trade the national highways facilitate. On the other side, this phenomenon resulted in an increase of vehicular traffic and congestion on national highways. So, the Government of India (GoI) has been time and again introducing different and diverse measures to cope with this cropping up problem. The recent one among the congestion-curbing measures is the introduction of the Video-based surveillance system, which could monitor and report traffic patterns at Toll plazas thereby helping NHAI in its efforts to reduce congestion at Toll plazas.

The National Highways Authority of India, which is a statutory body created by the NHAI Act 1988 of parliament of India, was formed with multiple objectives like maintenance, management, and development of the assigned portion of the national highway network. Now, the NHAI has been tasked to adopt and execute the video-surveillance system across all the Toll plazas under its jurisdiction.

If the video-based surveillance system would become operational at all of the Toll plazas, then it would fetch the NHAI with details pertaining to the volume of traffic making it act accordingly. High definition cameras would be installed at the Toll plazas to click stamp sized pictures and send them to the server every 30 minutes, which would relay the same to the regional offices and headquarters of NHAI. The authorities there would respond to the actionable content, which was conveyed by the video-based surveillance system, and manage the traffic at Toll plazas. Every aspect of traffic patterns to traffic density would be monitored and analysed through this system. As this system is new to India, soon, the NHAI would be making a pact with the Korea Expressway Corporation, through which the NHAI is hoping to implement this system at a fast pace.

The Korea Expressway Corporation, which has mastered many skills in dealing with traffic-related problems, has been chosen by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) for its expertise in traffic management area. The corporation has its operational centre through which it has been managing the traffic of the entire Korean roadway network. It started using cutting-edge technologies long back. If the said pact is going to happen soon, then NHAI would start leveraging the corporation’s expertise and redress the problems.

By adopting the video-based surveillance system, the existing FASTag system would get a new partner in curbing congestion at Toll plazas. FASTag system, which was put into operation last year, has been running successfully across many of the Toll plazas by clearing the glitches that came on its way. The FASTag Toll collection system was started with a sole objective of providing seamless travel experience to commuters. Now, video-based surveillance system, with the same objective, is going to complement the FASTag Toll collection system.

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