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Mobile App Development Trends in 2018

by NickMiller9 months ago
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The end of 2017 was remembered by Apple’s introduction of iPhone X, which can completely change the development trend of iOS. This was not the only astonishing news. Let's discuss the forecasts for mobile app development in 2018. What are the trends?

Augmented reality (AR) Technology

Augmented reality completely changes the perception of conventional applications and games. AR technology in mobile applications in 2018 will receive a new impetus and probably, become mainstream. For example, Microsoft promises to blow up the mass market with its AR-applications.


The technology of beacons becomes more widespread and closer to common users. More beacon-based features will be created for them, and more applications - starting from virtual guides, informational sources, ending with location-based games and much more. However, it is unlikely that users expect a technical revolution in this direction. Beacons continue to expand in use cases covering more and more areas where a person could get all the necessary information in the right place without having Internet connection.

Artificial Intelligence

Apple allowed developers to integrate Siri into their applications only in 2017. Soon, artificial intelligence will be utilized for a wide range of activities. So far, only large companies can afford to develop mobile applications with artificial intelligence onboard. In 2018, the rules must change.


Is not it fun to optimize business processes, simplify everything, and increase profits? Bots will be irreplaceable for both B2C and B2B. Much like the industrial revolution of the XIX century, the bots and make this industry better.

Internet of things (IoT)

The Internet of things isn’t a mysterious technology anymore. Smart houses, smart electric kettles, home appliances and everything that has the prefix "smart" can be combined into a single infrastructure for authorized users. Analysts predict significant changes in this area in 2018.

Security and data protection for application users

Probably, the most important element on this list. Apple's new security requirements are changing mobile development. Google is likely to present something similar for Android. The latest trends in this area, as we wrote above, are connected with blocking. Together with two-factor authentication and other methods, you can significantly increase data protection.

Electronic and Mobile Commerce

On rapidly developing market, mobile payments, crypto-currency wallets and Internet banking have already been rethought. Just need to wait until the middle of 2018 to look at the results.


In 2017, there was a sharp rise of mobile in Asia. The lion's share of installed applications were games. In addition, they are already the most popular category in most countries. However, in 2018, game concepts should be even more spectacular, brighter, and more attractive.

Top programming languages in 2018:


Kotlin was recently introduced by Google as an alternative to the old Java for Android. The language is rapidly gaining popularity. Developers are attracted by simplified syntax and focus exclusively on mobile development.


Strongly stands on the market and will not give up its positions throughout the entire 2018.


Now, almost everything can be developed using JavaScript. When you have a limited budget, but the list of features is extremely large, only the option of hybrid applications development  is possible. JavaScript is the core of the entire hybrid development on Ionic, React Native


Although Swift has won the hearts of iOS developers, the veteran Objective-C is still alive. Why? This is an extremely powerful language preferred by experienced developers. It is useful not only for iOS mobile development, but also for macOS.


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