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Make makeup so simple

by natalieweng1 year ago
tags: makeup newlytoupee.com

Seriously depicting a liner, is undoubtedly the best way to enhance the beauty of the eye, just first with a very fine eyeliner brush from the outer edge of eyelashes out of a baseline, and then along the eyelashes eyeliner and the baseline To connect, and then draw a small triangle outside the corner, as the scope of the wings, and finally with the eyeliner to fill the small triangle filled with a little correction of the edge, it got a flying little wings.With the help of the spoon to describe the small wings eyelinerIf you learn to make a reasonable use of the hand of the small tools, you can make the skilled process more easily, usually used to massage the small spoon at this time will be able to curly hair extensions, just a simple two, you can overcome the problem of trembling , Easy to get the perfect wings outline, is not it funny ah?Smoky makeup to draw a good look is not an easy thing, there is a contour and the level can be more perfect tips, that is, first with eyeliner near the outer corner of the eyelids to draw two cross And then smear along with their eye shadow brushes until the eyeliner traces become blurred until they are completely covered, and the precise smoky eye makeup is painted.

What is the best time to do mask
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