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Main Benefits of Screen Sharing in Different Events

Powerful communication is said to be the key for a successful business. Even though face to face interaction appears straightforward and fast, while in most of the cases it is not possible because of the distance. And so people travel for conferences and business meetings. Based on a statistics made by UK team for transports around 20% of trips were made by car, almost 40% were made of business travel and commuter. Travelling every time for a meeting carries a lot of expenses both on time and money.

But fortunately advancement in technology has got us new possibilities. Screen sharing software is one of them. Screen sharing software is an application by which you can share your PC screen live over web with all your team mates. It may sound unimportant but it is a very powerful tool, appropriate in different events like video conferencing, web meetings, web presentations, remote support and online training. Businesses, small organizations and even big established companies can take benefit of this screen sharing application. Here we will discuss about the benefits of screen sharing below.

Screen Sharing in Video Conferencing:

Screen sharing applications are very often used to perform video conferencing. The business presenter can utilize the screen sharing application to send invitations and inform the attendees about the necessary information to join the conference. You don't have to distribute the documents in advance as the participants can see any documents or files on the presenters screen and can even ask the meeting holder to send those documents and files through screen sharing tool's transfer function.

Screen Sharing in Online Meetings:

Screen sharing application allows real time office collaboration with many team mates and colleagues. Simply by sharing same screen content like a graph, chart or an image meeting attendees are able to see what others are seeing very quickly. Meeting time is decreased as the screen sharing application saves the time which you would probably have spent telling what you are able to see. Additionally the switch meeting presenter feature of the screen sharing application allows a participant to share screen. This makes a one way interaction into an interactive one and hence makes the conference or the meeting even more productive. 

Screen Sharing in Online Training:

By utilizing screen sharing tool in online training organizations can save a lot of money as they don't have to set up the entire projector set up and pay for travelling for external lectures. Rather a lecturer's material can be shared easily from their PC screens through a screen sharing application for all their attendees to see. Lecturers can even use such screen sharing function as whiteboard or participant pointer to interact the trainees and hence make an interactive and entertaining learning environment.

Screen Sharing in Online Presentations:

Online presentations allowed by screen sharing are a perfect method for organizations to engage with clients and customers. With the help of screen sharing application not only a sales person can show their products but also they can invite clients to experience those items like software programs by giving the remote control of the PC's keyboard or mouse. This is among the best benefits of screen sharing tools.

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