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Islamic/Muslim Girl Baby Names Collection with Alphabet A

Get Beautiful muslim girl baby names ideas begin with Letter A. Baby Names Collection having thousands of baby names with meanings. Find collection of muslim female/girl baby names suggesstions with starting letter A. A to Z Baby Names Collection providing thousands of baby names ideas for both girl and boy babies.

Our Muslim Baby Girl Directory having vast number of arabic girl baby names starts with A Alphabet. Visit baby names collection and browse list of muslim/arabic baby names with letter A.

AAMINA- peaceful.

ABIDA- she who worships.

ABLA- woman with a full figure.

ABLAH- woman with a full figure.

ADARA- the virgins.

ADHARA- the virgins.

ADIYA- narrow-minded.

AESHA- girl.

AFAF- chastity.

AIDA- ornament.

AIDAH- ornament; born during a feast.

AIESHA- girl.


AISHA- girl.


AISHAH- girl.


AKELA- alone.


AKILAH- matchless pearl.


ALATH- the lofty Goddess.


AL-BORAK- the lightning.


ALILAT- the child-bearing


ALITTA- the child-bearing.


ALLAT (?????)- the omnipotent.


ALMAS- diamond.


ALOZZA- the powerful.


ALUDRA- the virgin.


AMAL- hope.


AMANI- wishes.


AMEENA- faithful.


AMINA- faithful.


AMINAH- faithful.


AMIRA- princess.


AMNA- faithful.


ANISA- intimate friend; woman.


ANISAH- intimate friend; woman


ANNISSA- intimate friend; woman.


AQILA- intelligent; or- a matchless pearl.


ARRAFA- diviners.


ARWA- pure water; mountain goats.


ASMA- name- reputation.


‘ATIYA- gift- giving.


‘AYDA- profit.


AYESHA- girl.


AYISHA- girl.


AYISHAH- girl.


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