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Involute Institute of Technical Training


We are adept in handling CSR funds and investments. We are well equipped in handling:


  • Corporate Objectives & Strateg
  • Market Analysis
  • Operations Analysis
  • Executive Team Analysis
  • Investment Project Overview
  • Investment Plan and Implementation Schedule
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Risk Analysis


  • Clear Objectives: We offer a precise definition of objectives and parameters. We support our clients in defining project terms of reference and other parameters as closely and carefully as possible.
  • Scientific stronghold: As far as possible, we rely on the scientific method to document the existing situation, define the investment objectives, and then model the impact of the proposed investment and other competencies and capacities of the sponsor or investment in question. Our approach is rooted in empirical, replicable findings that lead to consistent results.
  • Objectivity: We provide an unbiased, professional opinion which is supported by evidence. Our reporting is clear of bias or the influence of special interests. Where difference of professional opinion are found, we express these clearly.


Our experience and services in this area are often creative and engineered for maximum impact. Some of these include:

  • Board-level representation: A classic solution involving consultants is to place them on the board of the new company. This approach has the benefit of putting a trusted, objective resources on the board of a company. It has the disadvantage that unless the board functions properly, the recommendations made by the consultant are often easy for management to ignore.
  • Classic business performance audits: These are typically implemented at regular intervals and include monitoring of ISO, balanced scorecard, lean management, business plan targets and other protocols. Our staff can either implement the audit or accompany the audit and act as follow-on or stay-behind support for the company in question.
  • Mystery Customer: We support industrial and retail (B2B and B2C) joint ventures in determining how effective a merger is in certain areas, such as customer support, contracting, complaint handling, etc. Our staff are placed with certain real customers and initiate contact to determine the effectiveness of certain processes and staff responses. This can extend into physical site reviews, store visits, etc.


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