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Introduction to Machine learning


Over the past two decades machine learning has become one of the mainstays of information technology and with that, a rather central, albeit usually hidden, part of our life. with the ever increasing amounts of data becoming available there is a good reason to believe that smart data analysis will become even more pervasive as a necessary ingredient for technological progress. The purpose of this chapter is to provide the reader with an overview over the vast range of applications which have at their heart a machine learning problem and to bring some degree of order to the zoo of problems. After that, we will discuss some basic tools from statistics and probability theory, since they form the language in which many machine learning online course problems must be phrased to become amenable to solving. Finally, we will outline a set of fairly basic yet effective algorithms to solve an important problem, namely that of classification. more sophisticated tools, a discussion of more general problems and a detailed analysis will follow in later parts of the book.

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Most readers will be familiar with the concept of web page ranking. That is the process of submitting a query to a search engine, which then finds webpages relevant to the query and which returns them in their order of relevance. See e.g. figure 1.1 for an example of the query results for “machine learning”. That is, the search engine returns a sorted list of webpages given a query. To achieve this goal, a search engine needs to ‘know’ which pages are relevant and which pages match the query. Such knowledge can be gained from several sources: the link structure of webpages, their content, the frequency with which users will follow the suggested links in a query, or from examples of queries in combination with manually ranked webpages. Increasingly machine learning training rather than guesswork and clever engineering is used to automate the process of designing a good search engine.


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