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Importance of cross-platform desktop development

In day-to-day life, every computer user is revealed to two different types of applications, desktop and web applications.

Desktop applications are the ones which are accessible anytime offline and offer you with instant response and rich user experience. You can wonder a spreadsheet application to great comprehend what we are talking about here. A desktop application does not need a third party server to host your data. You have total control over your data and would unloose them unless you don’t back up your data regularly. But the pitfall with desktop applications is that they don’t offer universal access.

Web applications, on the other hand, are accessible online (only!) and comparatively they are less responsive due to the roundtrip between the clients PC to the third party server. Your data is not entirely under your control. Wonder uploading and sharing precious statistics online and missing them when the service provider shuts shop. It’s not just about missing data, but it is also about undermining on the seclusion of your data and saving your data in proprietary formats.

According to desktop application development companies, cross-platform development is typically grasped as mobile app development (Android, iOS). For instance, you may use PhoneGap, Xamarin or Titanium as the channel for your app. Or maybe select ReactNative or NativeScript, which have been earning vogue recently. However, operating systems for desktops (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) tend to be brutally neglected.

What really matters here is that in many cases ventures need desktop applications. Here we will strive to state the benefits of the most common technologies for cross-platform development for desktops. We will contemplate business requirements, functional demands, and speed of development. We will also explain them with examples.

The biggest players on the market are Java, Adobe AIR, Haxe, QT, and such JavaScript-based solutions as NWJS, Electron, and CEF. These solutions are famous worldwide, they have the highest developer communities, but the main thing is, a lot of real, functioning, fruitful projects are based on them.





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