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How to maintain a wig?

posted by natalieweng 9 months ago
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How to maintain a wig?The grooming should be light. Before using, the wig should be combed and put on a wig and slightly combed. Comb the wig generally choose a sparse comb as well, comb hair should be inclined side carding method, not straight comb, and the action should be light.TwoDon't use hair clips. To prevent the wind from blowing wigs, some people like to use pins for holding wigs. But don't be too hard, hair clip. Otherwise, it is easy to hook the net sleeve of the wig. Therefore, it is better not to use a hairpin and use an ornamental hair band to secure the hair on the wig.7 piece clip in hair extensionsThreeDon't twist your hands when you wash them. Always wear hair sets, usually two to three months, wash once is appropriate. Before washing, comb the wig with a comb and rinse with a diluted conditioner. Cut can not be rubbed with both hands, screw, and more can not be fake foam washing liquid in the wash. The application of hands gently along the direction of hair rinse above the foam, then cool and dry, avoid exposure under the sun.

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