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How to Download Garmin Map Updates Free

by rukeshprasad1115 months ago
tags: Garmin Map Updates

Recently, Garmin users have been found to explore platforms for Garmin support and if you want a source for such factors, then take advantage of the Garmin map updates feature so that you can get an immediate solution service at any time. The mentioned device is considered as the most preferred navigation system, which eliminates the trap between millions of people to complete the number of activities.

If you are using a GPS device, the latest map should be updated or there is no use of it. Even companies make it easy to update your GPS map but it is not easy to see. All updates are available on the Internet. Garmin Update requires three software downloads.

Garmin Maps Updates On Windows OR Mac System


Installation on Windows:

  • First of all, you need to install the Garmin USB driver software.
  • Install the Garmin Communicator Plugin.
  • Check your browser to detect this Garmin device.
  • The web browsers supported by the Garmin Plugin are the Internet.  Explorer 7 and above, Firefox and Opera..

Installation on Mac:

  • Install the Garmin Communicator Plugin.
  • To test this, test whether your browser is communicating with the Garmin device.
  • Firefox and Internet Explorer are two browsers that support for Plugins.
A simple way to free Update Garmin Map


  • You need to create my Garmin account.
  • Just click on the official website on creating a new account.
  • Select the type of Registering.
  • Now you can download map updates
  • Connect your device to a computer and log on to your Garmin account.
  • The Home screen shows two types of downloads. Recently purchased updates and free updates.
  • Click to get free updates to get free updates.
  • Click on the download button and enter your product key
  • When your screen device appears with the software updating, click Accept License Agreement.
  • Follow the instructions and select the download button.
  • You need to select the device to update.
  • Click to agree to the license terms and condition box
  • Enter the product key and click Continue.
  • When your device is ready to update your screen, it shows two options. 1. Click on the Recommended map area and 2. To select the map area, go to the advance option.
  • Click on the options to place or delete all previous data from your device. Select the option to install Maps on both your device or both device and computer
  • Click after the installation completes, and then click Exit.


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