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How to choose a suitable mobile app development agency

Do you have a brilliant idea about a new mobile app that will be the next Instagram (or Tiktok)?

Here are some tips to help you find the right development companies that you can rely on to making your dream app come true. 

  1. If you are creating an integrated app that needs full assistance in every aspect including project strategy,  UI/UX design, and long-term maintenance, you need comprehensive services. Go talk to a full-service digital solution agency who has specialist experts to implement these services. Don’t try to look for those specialist companies, they usually do not have the right talents to provide the full-services.
  1. If you already have documentation or comprehensive specifications for a complete mobile app plan. It means that you only need services of UI/UX Design and Programming Development.  In this case, try to use the same company for both UIUX design and programming development where possible. The reason is that communication is very important. It can ensure that the app UI/UX designer is able to well discuss with the development team before finalizing the complete design.


  1. If you only need the Design only, for example, you already have a prototype, but you decide to redraft the UI and the design. Or your team is capable of dealing with the programming part as well as the app development, in this case, you only need to outsource the part of the UI / UX design. In either case, ensure that the companies you are considering have experienced  UX / UI designers with successful portfolios. You have to question "What are the work examples you have done that are UI / UX only projects, without development involved?"


  1. If you already have the UI/UX designs and now you only need a development team to turn your idea into a fully-realized mobile app, you have more options here. You can hire a pricey development agency with extensive experience or just a team of developers and project managers abroad if your budget is tight.


You have to be very selective

There are plenty of mobile phone app development agencies worldwide, you can be very selective in order to pick the most suitable one. Use a reputable agency hiring site such as 2Easy.io. 2Easy offers data-driven and in-depth recommendation to ease agency hiring process. Hire a quality agency with proven results in a short time now! And it’s free!

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