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how to care of cosplay hair extension

posted by emilyliu 10 months ago

The wig can be washed with cold water or warm water. When washed, it will be OK with regular shampoo. It can match the normal conditioner.Clean the wig, try not to use the hair dryer, and firmly can not use high temperature wind dry! Blowing only blows with cold air! Apply a dry towel to gently blot out excess moisture on the wig and place it in a ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight and cause damage to the wig.Don't comb your wig immediately after washing. You should comb it when the wig is dry.As a COS, in order to make more shapes can shape the wig spray agent in the gel, pomade like real hair to use, but this is the way to make wigs become sticky, so after use, must be cleaned in a brazilian deep wave hair extension.The use of wig comb, comb, or anti-static plate comb, can not use plastic comb or comb comb oh!Curly hair basically does not use comb, the place that rolls, after taking a hand every time, tidy up with hand.If a bad wig knot with long hair when do not pull, should be sprayed with non oily liquid maintenance special wig and gradually open. No careful geographical wig care solution pro, can use fabric softener mixed with water use, the effect is also good.The use of a special non oily hair care liquid, can make the wig become supple and bright, and can prevent static electricity, so that the wig has been moist, just bought back the same time!A long wig. When you comb it, divide the hair into segments. Comb it from bottom to top. Be sure to be light and patient.In the process of finishing wear, a small amount of hair loss is a normal phenomenon.

How do you care for a wig

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