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How to become a VIP player on the best online bingo sites?

Being a VIP on any online bingo is something that I think we’d all like to experience at least once in our life. But have you ever wondered what it entails in becoming part of the VIP squad on any bingo? It really depends which bingo it is, but there are so many various different elements involved. What I mean by basics is that there are many different ways to get into the VIP squads, and when you are actually invited in, there are different variations of VIP. Some online bingo sites will give you more bonuses, others will give you cash prizes.

Let’s go detective in this article and truly get into the down and dirty of the VIP online bingo world, we shall find out how to get in, what it entails, can you get kicked out, and how long does it take to become a VIP player?

Let’s start with Iconic Bingo, this is one of our best rated online bingo sites due to the fact that they always seem to deliver, and we regularly hear such great things from players of this bingo. In order to become a member of the Iconic VIP team the requirements are; completion and maintenance of wagering amounts, total amount deposited, frequency of activity on bingo games and the number of days played in a month. Really, I think this means that you must be a regular player, over a long period of time, with superior bets. To become an Iconic VIP you must oblige to these credentials, however it is finally determined by Iconic Bingo. Even though you may get into Iconic VIP, they state that this membership can also just as easily be revoked if you do not play for a certain length of time, or if you abuse bingo bonuses.

What sort of rewards are we looking at when becoming a bingo VIP you ask? Well, players will receive rewards and benefits on a regular basis that normal players do not receive, along with other bonuses, however, Iconic Bingo does not state them on the page, and you have to get in touch via their chat.

The next online bingo we will take a sneak peek into is Fabulous online bingo. Fabulous have been around for a while now, and if you’re curiosity is like mine, you are probably super curious about how and if they have a VIP player program too. So guess what…they do! Fabulous Bingo calls it their Loyalty Club, and to get into this secret club you will need to have an invite from Fabulous bingo itself. It does not state exactly how you can get into the Loyalty Club, however, I’m guessing that it’s similar to Iconic Bingo where you need to play regularly and maintain your betting standards along with your game play. As soon as you receive the invitation to become a loyalty club member, you will receive fantastic perks such as no deposit fees, low wagering requirements on bingo bonuses, and of course exclusive bonuses too! During your time in Fabulous loyalty club you will be given a designated account manager who will be there 24/7 whenever you need them, to help with anything from technical queries, to questions about bonuses and withdrawals. Speaking of withdrawals, the Fabulous loyalty club also involves prioritized withdrawals for their special players, this means that you will get your transactions faster and be able to enjoy all of that bagged cash sooner! I think that the most exciting element of being part of the loyalty club is that you will get the chance to go to Fabulous VIP events. You will receive invites to special exclusive events, travel, and meet up with other Fabulous VIPs’. Lastly but definitely not least, you will be able to enjoy juicer promotions with fun competitions and fantastic prizes.

The next top bingo on our VIP radar is the famous Sun online bingo, this bingo is famously known for its mobile version of the bingo, however it is of course also available to play on desktop too. In order to get into the Sun VIP program, you must amp up your VIP level by playing on the bingo games and watching the VIP level bar fill up. If you are super lucky and end up becoming a part of the VIP clan, you will receive an email informing you. Being a part of the Sun VIP team means that you will win fabulous prizes every single month, some of which can be brand new Apple products, exclusive event parties, the newest tech-savvy items and glamorous events. You will have it all! The gifts and the gadgets are just a small part of this because you will also be given a dedicated account manager at your call for any online bingo issues, or queries you may have. Rewards are given on your birthday, and yes they do remember when it is! There will be a personal service for your payments and withdrawals, and of course massive reward bonuses! Sun Bingo VIP program also offers a monthly prize draw for all of its VIP members. Each month they will select one lucky player who will be given a unique code which will enable them to choose their very own reward which could be anything from VIP events, VIP experiences, Apple products and so much more.

Let’s go ahead and investigate one more online bingo which is on our best bingo sites UK list, let’s go with Foxy Bingo, In order to get into Foxy Bingo you will need to sign up for your Foxy VIP club card membership which is pretty simple to do. All you need to do in order to get this Foxy Card is by going onto the Foxy bingo website and submitting your email address into the ‘I want the Foxy Card’ box. Once you do so, you will receive your very own personal prepaid MasterCard where you can enjoy your online gaming experience to the max. When you start using your VIP Foxy Bingo club card, it will come with an array of bonuses such as instant withdrawals, unlimited number of deposits, high withdrawal limits, easy top-ups, and no credit checks. Foxy online bingo is always finding ways to better themselves for their loyal players; they have been around for more than 50 years now so it’s great to see that they are always striving for more.

We truly hope that this article has helped you in getting a bit more of an insight into how the VIP programs work on some of the bingo sites UK, and how you can get yourself in there to grab some extra special rewards and trips to exclusive VIP bingo events.

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