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How should tramadol be given to human and pets?

Analgesics are a must when one is suffering from pain. One of the important analgesics is Tramadol. Just like human beings, even pets like cats and dogs can suffer from pain. They too can be given this medicine. But the dosage in both cases is going to be different. The way the medication is given to human beings and pets may also differ.

Understanding the mode of action in human beings and pets:

In both human beings as well pets the mode of action is the same. This is an opioid analgesic. It acts on the opioid receptors and will block them. As a result, the human being and the pets will not get the sensation of pain.

A look at the uses of Tramadol in human beings and pets:

In the case of Tramadol for Human the main use if to give relief from pain due to injuries and surgeries. In some cases, it can be used to give relief from chronic pain.

In the case of pets, Tramadol helps in giving relief from the pain sensation. Here too it can be given for post-operative pain management. In some cases, the medication can be administered to give relief from muscle spasms.

Administering Tramadol to human beings and pets:

Tramadol for Pets is given by a veterinarian. One of the most important things that need to be noted here is that the dose for human beings must never be given to the pet. The requirements of the pet will be different. Let the veterinarian decide on the dose that needs to be given to the pets.

In both human beings, as well as pets the medication has to be given by mouth. It is important that in human beings there is no abuse of medicine as it can be addictive. An overdose of the medicine has to be avoided in the case of human beings and pets as it can prove to be fatal. Whether the doctor has prescribed Tramadol for Male or female or the veterinarian has prescribed it for pets make sure that the medicine is not stopped suddenly. If you stop the medicine suddenly then it can result in withdrawal symptoms. The doctor or the veterinarian will give the details about how the dosage needs to be tapered and stopped gradually.

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