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How make up be a beatiful girl

by kellyliu1 year ago
tags: makeup

Successful makeup can arouse the psychological and physical vitality of women, enhance self-confidence, make people refreshed, but also help to eliminate fatigue, anti-aging.1 face cleanLife makeup on the face of the skin clean requirements are higher, to oily skin, for example, if the oil on the skin did not clean, then the foundation can not play, even if it is easy to Tuozhuang, resulting in makeup becomes colorful.2 modified eyebrowsDress up the basic eyebrows, remove the extra eyebrows are life makeup must do the program. Eyebrow can be used to pull eyebrows and shaving eyebrow method.3 Tu painted make-up waterThe make-up water drops in the clean palm, with the other hand dipped in make-up water on the facial skin, can also be used after the cotton wool soaked in the face evenly coated, but also the make-up water into the vial with a nozzle Face spray.4 makeupDingzhuang the purpose is to prevent the makeup off or take shape, reduce the foundation of the oil on the skin sense of light. Cosmetics used in cosmetics for the transparent powder, also known as powder.5 side of the noseUnder normal circumstances, the background color and nasal shadow should be coordinated, and light brown, brown, brown, earth red are commonly used in the more natural colors. The color of the nasal shadow should also match the color of the eye shadow, otherwise it will cause the nasal shadow and eye shadow between the "sense of fracture."6 eye shadowPainted eye shadow, mainly in the eyelids painted eye shadow cream, so that the formation of shadows, so as to increase the deep sense of the eyes, mystery and charm. Eye shadow cream is designed for eye makeup cosmetics.7 eye linerEye liner in the whole life make-up with the finishing touch of the role, you can make the outline of the eye becomes clear, enhance the black and white contrast of the eyes, so that the eyes look more vivid.8 Apply blushBlush is a life in the make-up is a icing on the cake of a program. Will cheek red cheek cheekbones on the site, you can make the whole makeup becomes rich three-dimensional and healthy color.9 lipThe lip is mainly implemented by lipstick. Lipstick is a smear on the lips, with nourish and beautify the role of the lips of the cosmetics, but also make-up cosmetics used in the most extensive cosmetics.

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