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Hiring a Right Language Translator- Important Steps to Consider

Businesses are going global without having the fear of communication because these people running the company have the capability to invest on translation services. In today’s global business environment, translation services play a major role that can help in translating every document and act as the communication tool for productive business. Translation industry has witnessed a huge demand than before because of the increase in business reach to non-English speaking countries and even local states. If your business is completely for the local target audience, the localization services can be of great help for accurate translation. Whether you’re translating legal documents, websites or business content, professional language translatorsare defiantly a need.

Quality language service providers follow rigorous and well-researched procedures to get qualified as professional service. They follow a logical set of rules for different documents and content, to get the best result. However, these services have its positive or negative drawbacks. Some are highly paid and some are low paid. So if you’re in a hunt of professional language translators, let us take you to some steps and make your search result positive:

· Understanding the Difference between the Services:

There are different translation processes like Human Translation, Machine Translation, Post-Edited Machine Translation and Crowd Human Translation. You need to first get familiarized with each lingo and how can your business effect using any of the best process. This is one of the translator selection processes which you need to master in and hire the right one that matches up with your need.

· Check for the Service:

Choose a translation firm that offers a single point of contact to discuss the requirements for the process. Every translation agency has a communication department that dedicates in client handling. The translation should be fluid and collaborative process. Look for the agency that completely does the communication in English without using hardcore jargon which may be an alien for you. Check if they have a foreign language translator team that carries in-depth knowledge of foreign dialects.

· Professional Native Speaker:

A business always wants native translator to speak the target language. For instance-translating from simplified German into English or any regional language, the translator should be Native speaker. Check the qualification of the native translator which will also showcase the experience in the source language and cultural nuances.

· Experiment before Big Project Commitment:

Before you deal a sign for big project, do offer them the small project for trial. This is to get you the understanding about their process and methods to work on the project. Some companies are capable to undertake big projects because of the good backend team, but some find it hard and may not provide the best work.

· Certification:

A certified company is the one that can promise to offer quality work under lawful act. Certified professional language translators carry ISO certification that defines their quality of work with complete professional standard. Specific country has its certification standard offered to the company. For instance- for translators in the US, American Translators Association (ATA) is the certification ensuring quality of translation.

· Testimonials:

Every company, irrespective of the nature of the business has testimonials that showcase the market stand. Clients who are being served by the service write these testimonials. You must look for a translation company that offers complete testimonials from the past clients. This will also help you to judge the company through its client base. A company that handles projects of NGOs, top global companies or government departments, should certainly your choice.

Apart from following the steps of hiring a professional language translation service, companies also need to check the qualities that make these services different from others. Let us check some of the qualities professional language translators should possess:

· Proper Planning:

Whether you’re looking for an Indian language translator or a foreign language translator, the service provider should perform the work under proper planning. This is to help in systematic workflow, in order to complete the task in a deadline and with perfection. Translation requires rights planning from the team that undertakes the project.

· Knowledge about Cultural Diversity:

This is specifically for native translator who can offer a translation of regional languages. Companies that offer localization services should be backed up with a team of native translators carrying solid information on cultures, traditions, sensitive symbols, slang and others.

· Use of Right Templates:

Templates are important in translation to improve the performance. There are different templates for different language translation and document. Check if the service uses specified templates for certain documents that requires to be translated.

· Always Ready to Assist:

Look for the translation service that is ready to assist in all sense of translation. Right from the initial stage of planning to post-translation process, the company should be ready to assist in every aspect of the document.


If your company has different content from different fields and language, then hiring professional language translators like Shakti Enterprises is the right decision you must take. We have been in the translators’ checklist by companies looking for quality and timely work. We at Shakti Enterprise work on certain protocol that makes the process easy and fast. Backed with the team of professional translators, we are equipped with latest translation tools that make the process easy and deliver quality results. So connect with us now and be a part of quality translation service.

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