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Hand Percussion Instruments

 Music has become a part of human life thousands of years ago, from being used for ceremonies, traditional events, rituals or just to entertain.

Music has been one of the most important discoveries and is a part of human life in every civilization until now and so on.


Djembe is the most popular drum instrument from the African plains if now Djembe is often used as a musical instrument for singing and dancing only. Unlike the Djembe before, it is also used as a means of communication between tribes. Which is very sacred to the tribes in Africa which are believed to contain three spirits, the first spirit is wood used as a manufacturer, the two spirits of animals used as the upper part of the Djembe that produces music, and the third is the spirit of the craftsman of Djembe blends with it, and Djembe means is gathering in peace.


Drums that produce light and soft sound when hit using fingers or palms, the sound hangs soft and calm like the sound of rain, Hang Drum is made of thin iron that is stretched like a bowl and has a large enough grip around the top view.

Hang Drum was discovered in the early 2000s and became the discovery of a drum type musical instrument that produced rich, soft sounds with a unique appearance.


Musical instruments were not only created for traditional events but also songs for dances and songs. Cajon was created by the Peru community to accompany them and became a tool of distress that they experienced when Spain began to colonize them, the freedom they seized did not discourage them from creating Cajon, with a simple and square appearance makes the Cajon very easy to hide and play with the sound produced enough to entertain the citizens of Peru at that time, until now Cajon has been used by musicians and has always been a musical instrument used in traditional or modern musical instruments in various countries.

Each musical instrument is born with a long history, each of which has its own uniqueness from the sound of the shapes and how they were created.

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