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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in India

Item benefit

1. Controller of metal laser shaper with a touch screen working framework:

2. Metal laser shaper embraces Laser Cutting Laser Cutting and Precritic with auto-center

laser cutting head (metal sensor): contact the laser-cutting head spout, surface of

metal plate, cutting head naturally Moving here and there, high affectability, great

soundness. No unmistakable sparkle event.

3. 3 HP metal laser shaper with high-control water chillers: To guarantee laser soundness and

quick task, the laser receives the water cooling strategy to keep the head dependably at

consistent temperature (give or take 5 degrees).

4. Raycus 1000W (IPG1000W) metal laser shaper with fiber laser generator:

photoelectric change rate is high, high pillar quality, working existence of more than

100,000 hours, there is no upkeep cost.

Item Details

1. 3 HP high power water chillers dependably keep the laser head in open to working

temperature. The temperature of the water can be kept up at give or take 5

degrees. Steady temperature of the water can balance out the laser control, making the

work increasingly steady and quicker and furthermore like data Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in India.

2. High affectability, determination of the popular Focus Laser Cutting Head (Metal Sensor),

with the best affectability, the determination of popular brand lascar (US laser receiver)

what's more, prestrike (Prest). Laser cutting head spout contact metal plate surface, cutting

head consequently climbing and down, high affectability, stable activity, great

unwavering quality, no conspicuous flash marvel. Stay away from electromagnetic obstruction due to

changes and disappointment noticeable all around media, and abstain from maintaining a strategic distance from head crash harm.

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