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Enterprise Blockchain use cases

Finally, the application of blockchain into the enterprise world has arrived.

The distributed ledger technology has been used in the last 10-years mostly for payment projects and token/coin development. But now, traditional business’ are starting to understand the benefits of this incredible network.

Enterprise blockchain solutions

But different from the blockchain platforms we know, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, Enterprise Blockchains are not public. That is, within a public blockchain everyone can have access to it and we don’t know who the actors involved are.

So, the distributed ledger chain for enterprise is private or permissioned. The access to the system is restricted and only approved participants can be in the network. This particularity actually makes the transactions validations more efficient.

A blockchain based software for business can also enhance security, transparency for transactions and data sharing and avoid frauds. All of this, of course, increase customer’s trust and loyalty.

Here are some enterprise blockchain use cases:

  1. Maersk - Using IBM's Hyperledger Fabric framework, the largest shipping company in the world built a blockchain to secure international shipments and have access cargo’s data remotely, speeding up custom's processes. The company continues to invest in blockchain technology and launched a platform for supply chain industry.
  2. British Airways - The airline company started to use distributed ledger technology to share information with three airports. The idea was to make everyone have access to the same data, allowing a more simple and secure process and avoiding miscommunication.
  3. Save the Children - And what about a humanitarian blockchain network? The international ONG is exploring a distributed ledger system to help them find volunteers, especially in times of distress. In urgent cases, they can’t spend much time analysing backgrounds and qualifications, so the network can help them maintain an immutable database with traceable information about potential volunteers. This same idea can be used for RH and recruitment companies.

Blockchain can bring a great amount of benefit for any type of industries, helping enterprises to have a more efficient process. Blockchain App Factory, the leading company in distributed ledger solutions, is ready to build a hand-maid blockchain development for your business.

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