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Earthquake Retrofitting – The Measures To Be Taken

by Sarah119 months ago
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Earthquake Retrofitting – The Measures To Be Taken

catastrophe. While some of the disasters can be prevented, there is no permanent solution for few them especially the natural disasters. One can only take precautions or certain measures to avoid natural Disasters can occur at any place and anytime whether it is due to some accident or some natural disasters. Often it is seen that the places where a volcano resides are earthquake prone areas. But there are few geographical areas where an earthquake may occur out of nowhere and ruin the very infrastructure of that place. So in order to avoid any damage to the buildings and structures, humans have developed a procedure that aids the people in somewhat protecting their houses and buildings against the earthquake.


About Earthquake Retrofit

Earthquake Retrofit or Seismic Retrofit is the procedure that helps in strengthening the foundation of a building. Due to earthquakes, the very foundation of the structures gets weak which leads to soil failure.


Earthquake Retrofitting Techniques

To avoid the loss, many other earthquake retrofitting techniques are adopted like - External post-tensioning, Base isolators, Supplementary dampers, Slosh tanks etc. which makes the foundation and the overall structure of a building strong. Many earthquake prone areas have already adopted these techniques to safeguard their houses or buildings from the frequent seismic motions in their area.


Materials used

The materials used to retrofit the buildings are fiber-reinforced polymors, fiber reinforced concrete and high strength steel which help to support and strengthen the structures. The traditional seismic retrofit procedure is based on targeting the lower stories of the structures. These lower stories are made stronger enough as to resist the motion caused by an earthquake. It helps in protecting the upper stories from damage or leading to any huge destruction or cracks in the walls. Buildings that are constructed using the bricks are reformed using glass fibre coat to provide strength to the wall in order to make it stiff and avoid bending of the walls from the side.



In this procedure, the buildings or the structures are established in a way that the displacement of the structure from its concrete foundation can be prevented by using various methods and techniques. The end result is the preservation of the building which makes it safe and less likely to suffer damage. There are many earthquake retrofitting specialists who know how to mend a structure so that it is earthquake proof. The costing of the whole earthquake retrofit procedure depends on the size of the house. If the house is quite large then the minimum cost would be $10,000 or more. You can also tackle the work yourself which may cost $500, or hire an earthquake retrofitting contractor for about $2,000.


Services near me

Now you can easily get the services at your door. Golden Retrofit is an earthquake retrofitting company that provides the services of earthquake retrofitting in Los Angeles. Few of the other earthquake retrofitting services areas near you are – Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Venice, Woodland Hills etc. Visit our Services Area section to get more information regarding the other cities where you can easily locate our company for our services. Apart from this contractor, there are also other earthquake retrofitting services in Los Angeles such as Earthquake Retrofitting and Certifications in Los Angeles or consult City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety.


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