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Different Luthier Tools

Luthier tools and Luthier Tools Canada are special tools that are particularly used for guitar making. These tools and supplies are not used for any other purpose than making the guitars. Therefore, when looking to make your own guitar, you must get the luthier tools Toronto from a reputed and well established dealer.

With several companies offering luthier supplies Canada, choosing the best one would be difficult. However, you can make your choice after short listing a few companies and then comparing their prices and other features.

Different types of Luthier Tools

Bending Tools

These are luthier tools that are used to bend the sides. There are many types of bending machines and tools available making it easier for you to choose. 

Finding the ideal bending tool with the companies offering luthier supplies Toronto should not be difficult if you know what you are looking for. You can also use a bending iron to bend the sides.

Binding and Purfling Cutter Machine

Another of the popular tools is the binding/purfling cutter machine. These machines are hard to find by most companies offering guitar tools Canada. 

The machine has two parts: the cutter itself and a sled that holds the guitar while you cut it. 

Thickness Calipers

A very important and essential of the luthier tools is the thickness calipers. Each part of the guitar has a certain thickness and using the calipers is the best way to ensure uniformity. 

You can find the best calipers at any of the companies offering luthier tools Toronto. 

Pads, sticks and sanding dishes

Sanding disks are essential Luthier Supplies Toronto. They help in sanding the guitar evenly. While many professionals make the sanding disks and sticks by themselves, it is easier to secure the required type and size from a reputed company selling luthier supplies Canada.

Bridge Clamps

There can be different ways of bridge clamping. The classical guitars have clamps and a plate that is adjustable and reaches over the wings. 

Set up tools

A few specialized luthier tools are required to set up the guitar in the end. 

Whatever the requirements of guitar tools Canada, you can all find them at a dedicated music store that caters not just to the requirements of guitars but other similar instruments as well.

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