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DB Legends

by BillyHarrer1 month ago
tags: DB Legends Omlet Arcade

DB Legends

Stream any mobile game from the Omlet Arcade overlay without ever leaving the db legends game. Now you can stream to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and Omlet Arcade simultaneously! Unlimited real-time group voice chat makes it easy to coordinate in-game attacks with your team or just chill and talk. Find exciting new games. Learn the best strategies by watching expert streamers. Omlet Arcade has the best content when it comes to mobile games.

Omlet is a new social network for mobile gaming. Omlet Arcade’s features work on any mobile game – and conceivably any other app. The social network is completely open, so users can maintain their chats and communities across all their games and communities while discovering new ones. Omlet’s newest app is Omlet Arcade. It’s an overlay of social features that floats on top of any game, so players don’t ever have to leave the app. Features include chat, live streaming, video recording, and a user-generated community of game content. For more: https://omlet.gg/photo/eyJhIjoiTVAxV0swME9DRjIzUUMxN0NIQ04iLCJpZCI6IlhDdmJUWldqT0NnRmJ4MC8iLCJ0IjoiU2NyZWVuU2hvdCJ9

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