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Used to Preserva Wellness Ayurvedic Herbal Product

Health is never dependent on a single variable or factor. Neglecting one of the contributors to good health can be dangerous enough to make you diseased for some time. From the intake of nutrients to their assimilation, every single step is involved in keeping you in the pink of health. The goal of an ideal caring of health should be heal the person as a whole and not just make him free of one or more diseases. The connection between human body and environment would not let the focus stay only on diagnosis in an ideal way of treatment. 

Holistic care also involves the social and cultural differences and preferences of an individual. Every person is an individual and every individual is different from the other by some or the other means. Sensitivity to emotional, physical and pathological impulses of each individual varies. Holistic healing therefore emphasises on the importance of the person as a whole and the interdependence of its parts. Therefore holistic approach honours the interaction between cells, organs and systems in the body.  The key to holistic healing is to restore balance among various parts of an individual. The approach of holistic medicine is not to treat merely outward symptoms but is to provide sustainable solution by targeting the cause of a disease. A person cannot be deemed completely fit until and unless his mind, body, emotional and social aspect are in a state of good health.

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