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Choose the Best Wilkinson Pickups

Those that love playing the guitar will understand why it is always important to have the right replacement parts. Your guitar being your prized possession needs the care and attention. You can use the Wilkinson guitar parts as a replacement as they are known for their durability, simplicity and problem solving nature.

Pickups and machine heads are important parts of any guitar. When you seek the market to look for the perfect Wilkinson pickups or the Wilkinson Guitar Parts heads, you will be left agape with the choices available. For this reason, you must know how to pick the perfect Wilkinson pickups Canada.

Steps to choose the best pickups and machine heads

1. Check out your preferences

The best way to choose the Wilkinson pickups is to check your preference. 

The output level affects the tone as for the heavy distorted sounds, the higher outputs work better. 

2. The external tone influencers

The tone of the guitar is not solely dependent on the pickup. It depends on several other factors that must be considered before a pickup is chosen. 

• Strings

• Woods

• Volume knobs

• Neck style

Based on these factors of your guitar, you can choose the pickup that adjusts to them.

3. Pickups that Fit

The choice of the pickup will also depend on the size of the pickup being used currently. When you are replacing your existing pickup with the same type of Wilkinson pickups, the change would be simple. You remove one and replace the other.

However, if you are replacing the existing pickup with something different, you might have to cut holes in your guitar. If you do not want this to happen to your guitar, 

For humbuckers for single coil cavities, you have the following options:

• Reverse would single coils

• Rail humbuckers

• Stacks

• Combination of rail and stack designed pickup

Single coils for humbucker cavities, you have the options that include:

• Single coil in a humbucker sized casing

• Coil tapped humbuckers

• Coil split humbuckers

Now that you know how to choose the right pickups, you will be able to make the choice. However, changing the pickups can still be an issue.

If you wish to play safe, you can take your guitar to a guitar tech and get the Wilkinson Pickups replaced. However, if you are enterprising enough and have the confidence of putting the things together, you can go about changing them by yourself.

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