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Can a man wear a wig to see it?

by emilyliu1 year ago
tags: newlytoupee.com

1, short hair styleShort hair type is basically straight hair, after rolling hair, haircut to shape, specific hair style, flat head style, round head type, three kinds of peace round.Flat head type: also called flat head or small flat head. Characteristics of the sides and back short hair, rolled up from the hair line cut short hair, a wave difference level, color symmetry, short hair rolled slightly longer at the top of the cut into shape, according to the top of the hair length, and a large flat, small flat points.Round head: also called round head or small round head. The characteristics of peaceful type similar, but rounded at the top of the hair.cheap hair extensionFlat round: also known as flat round head. Characterized by the absorption of flat head and round head of the characteristics of both the composite, the hair around the level of tonal, flat top circle.2, medium long hair, long hair style.straight wigThese two types of hair styles are basically the same, just leave hair length difference, and some are straight hair scissors, blow, and some perm comb. Specific hair styles are mainly natural, medium, and so on.Natural style: the characteristics of long hair, long hair top, drooping forward, pen shaped sparse natural hair on the sides and back, to the rolling shear, the formation of natural slope, the whole hair, gentle, natural hair clothes, simple and elegant, natural.Split: the characteristics of long hair, hair parted in the middle, the forehead hair comb from the road to the sides, standing hair fluffy nature, hair on the sides and back to the rolling shear, and have a certain level of tone, which is affected by Hong Kong and Taiwan singer impact in a style popular in 80s, also known as Hong Kong style look, full of sense of youth.Ben: hair is longer, side parting, large side hair was shaped forward backward peaked cap, comb the hair on both sides, in the rear centre rendezvous, smooth lines, unique shape, with a male bodybuilding.

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