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Boost Your Timepieces with a Unique Selection of Watch Straps

A good strap is a significant component of a wristwatch; swapping watch straps is an interesting way to explore a new trend. An extensive strap collection enables you to enhance your combinations. In many cases, the band is more visible than the dial whereby a good collection of straps can extend your collection. In addition, by the virtue of their properties, watch straps are considered cheaper than new watches; needless to mention, they are a cost-effective addition to your collections. It is more convenient to spend a small amount on straps than lavishly spending on expensive watches. (Information credit: www.larsenwatches.com/watch-straps.html)

1. Nato StrapNATO straps are a single-piece structure; unlike other varieties which are composed of two different pieces, fitted by shifting the two spring bars that are attached to the watch. Swapping out straps takes a lot of time, but NATO straps are fitted under the spring bars whereby they can be attached and removed quite conveniently, within minutes. For the convenience and broad selections of NATO straps, they make a splendid selection for almost every occasion – their competitive pricing is an advantage if you are on a tight budget.

2. Zulu StrapsInspired from NATO straps, Zulu straps there are made of bulky materials like nylon or leather whereby they are slightly sturdy and durable. Unlike NATO straps that are less voluminous, Zulu straps have an elaborate structure. The thick Zulu straps are good for big watches since the straps add adequate support to the heavy dials. In addition, Zulu straps are made of bulky materials whereby they are long lasting.

3. Aviator or Pilot StrapsAviator straps reflect a militaristic charm to a watch whereby they are mostly paired with aviator watches. In addition, the pilot straps have exquisite girths which are widely becoming popular for their durability and aesthetic appeal.

5. Gold Straps If what you fancy is a gold watch you can opt for gold plated bracelets. Gold bracelets have the colour and finish of gold but are available at reasonable prices. Today, instead of using a thin film of gold on the metallic base it is incorporated in the metallic composition. This helps the plating to last longer.

6. Steel StrapsStainless Steel bands are widely popular for their elegance and timeless appeal. It combines functionality and great designs, enabling the creation of an excellent accessory for any occasion. Stainless steel may be costlier than leather and rubber bands, but they make a unique asset blending style with functionality.

7. Leather StrapsThere are mainly two distinct types of leather that are utilised to produce leather bands:

• Bonded leather: The production of bonded leather involves the reconstitution of leather waste products.• Top-grain leather: Top-grain leather is manufactured using leather hides; they are thick and long lasting.

8. Carbon Steel StrapsCarbon steel watch straps are usually manufactured with steel and an alloy of carbon. They are available in various shades and designs, uniquely blending style and durability. Nowadays, there is a broad selection of carbon steel straps available in the market; pick a unique design that caters to your style, taste and personality.

Unlike your clothes which you can repeat, it is difficult to switch watches daily. However, you can buy separate watch straps; they help you to enhance your collection, allowing you to make good style statements. There is a wide spectrum of watch straps available these days; this comprehensive guide enlists the essential varieties available in retail stores. No matter what your budget is, you can find a match that perfectly complements your taste and lifestyle.

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